About Us

Chillin ‘n Swillin, Inc. is a non-profit corporation with a 501 (c) (3) non-profit status as designated by the IRS. Many other beer festivals are run by paid organizers, but our group is strictly 100% volunteer. No one receives any pay, which means there are no administrative costs. 100% of our profits will stay locally to benefit our own community.

Our committee members are:

Gina Gutierrez, President/Treasurer
Greg Froslie, Vice President
Nancy Schaefer, Secretary

Proceeds from the Chillin ‘n Swillin Beer Festival have benefited a number of local charities that change yearly. Charities that benefit the most amount of people are the target of our affections.

Our beer festival has grown each and every year, which we are very proud of. However, we realize that our successes would not have happened without the beer vendors, our sponsors and the community all coming together.

We extend our thanks to everyone for caring about this community.